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“Don’t mix business with pleasure.” Based on this conventional wisdom, starting up a company with friends is probably, well, not the wisest idea. But with Pincorps “not the wisest idea” became the core of the company, where professional friends and pals with complementary skills and talents with varied backgrounds from information technology, programming, training, sales, business development and so on came together to add value for themselves and the company Pincorps. Pincorps was born out of crave to create something “not unique” but something that “adds value” and we firmly believe we shall do that consistently with each and every person and business we touch upon. Our mission is simple: To bridge the knowledge gap and make people more productive and successful via our knowledge transformation services through innovative technology platforms with core customer focus. When you join, you get access to network with people, trends, news, updates, and insights that help you to be great at what you do. Pincorps, global provider of IT & Management bootcamp training courses leading to certification. Search for Virtual, E-learning & Classroom trainings for all courses.